Planning a Graduation Party

Planning a Graduation Party

No matter the grade level, grade point average, extra-curricular activities, or future plans, graduation is an achievement worth celebrating. Planning a graduation party is a great way to honor the graduate and all the hard work they have put in for this momentous accomplishment.

When to Celebrate

Ideally, a graduation party should be planned close to the commencement date, and party planning should begin once the graduation is a certainty. The party should not interfere with end-of-education necessities such as final exams or other academic commitments, however, and it is also important to bear in mind other graduation events such as school-sponsored activities and other graduates’ parties. Most graduation parties typically take place either the weekend before or the weekend after the official commencement ceremony.

Why Rent?

Renting equipment for a graduation party can make the event much easier to coordinate and much less stress to set up beforehand or clean up afterward. Instead of worrying about finding matching dishes or having the right serving equipment, renting can ensure you have everything you need for a smooth event. You can easily add extra tables and seating with rental equipment, and you won’t need to worry about excessive cleanup or storing items after the party ends. This gives you more time to enjoy with the guests and graduate, making memories before moving into a new phase of educational life.

Tips for Planning a Graduation Party

There are many different ways to make a graduation party memorable. Above all, the party should match the graduate’s interests and accomplishments, and should be a fun event to celebrate their achievement.

  • Theme – A general “graduation” theme is always popular for these parties, or the event could be themed around the school’s colors, mascot, or the graduate’s future plans, such as entering the military, choosing a specific major for college, or starting a career.

  • Location – Graduation parties can be planned as casual events at home or may take place at a local park, hotel ballroom, or other event center. Bowling alleys, public pools, skating rinks, miniature golf courses, and similar venues can also be fun choices.

  • Guest List – A graduation party could be an opportunity for the graduate to celebrate with friends and fellow grads, or the event may be a time to share congratulations with family members. Choose the guest list carefully depending on the scope of the party.

  • Seating – Plan appropriate seating for the event so everyone has room to socialize, but so the party space does not feel overcrowded. Intimate spaces using fun seating such as oversized pillows or ottomans are easy to arrange and suitable for all types of graduates.

  • Tables – If necessary, have enough tables available for dining at the graduation party, ideally seating guests in smaller groups for better conversation. A larger table for gifts can be useful, and a table to highlight the graduate’s accomplishments or school photos is a great option.

  • Decorations – School colors are always top choices for decorating graduation parties, and linens, balloon arches, throw pillows, and flower arrangements can easily be adapted for such a color scheme. Other options include graduation caps and tassels or decorations that coordinate with the graduate’s future plans.

  • Dishes – Easy, simple dishes are often best for graduation parties, and plain white dishes coordinate well with any color scheme or party theme. Dishes can also be chosen in the school colors for an extra pop of pizazz. Choose a few special dishes to highlight a cake or centerpiece for extra flair.

  • Menu – More casual, self-serve menu options are often the best choices for graduation parties, such as a taco bar, dessert bar, pizza, or barbecue menu. For trendier tastes, consider hiring a food truck or renting concessions machines for popcorn, nachos, hot dogs, or other fun food.

  • Cake – No graduation party is complete without a celebratory cake. Have the cake decorated in school colors or use the graduate’s name and graduation year for a personal touch, or choose a graduation-themed cake in the shape of a mortar board or diploma. Cupcakes can also be arranged in special shapes for a delicious treat.

Party Extras

Renting some fun extras can make any graduation party stand out as memorably as the graduate. To make the most of a graduation party at any level, consider renting…

  • Bounce houses or waterslides for energetic fun
  • Lawn games for enjoyable competition
  • Photo booths or selfie stations for last-minute memories
  • Projection equipment for a movie marathon or graduate slideshow
  • Sound equipment for better music or speeches

Graduation is the final event in a student’s educational endeavors, and planning a graduation party is a great way to celebrate their achievements and urge them on to new and even more exciting heights as they move to a new phase of their life.